Contact Us

If you need to contact us, the best way is by telephone. You can find our phone number here.

If you cannot contact us by telephone or find the answer to your question on the FAQ page of our website, please send us an email from the contact form by selecting your inquiry from those listed below.

If you are a current Interac teacher and need to contact your branch office, please reach out to the phone numbers below:

Interac North

Sapporo: 011-596-7680

Morioka: 019-622-7700

Sendai: 022-302-5277

Interac Kanto North

Chiba: 043-244-7555

Kita-Kanto: 029-302-5505

Koushinetsu: 03-6853-8325

Interac Kanto South

Yokohama: 045-242-7555

Tokyo: 03-6853-8320

Interac Kansai & South Central

Hamamatsu: 053-456-8171

Nagoya: 052-857-0140

Osaka: 06-6342-1850

Interac West

Kita-Kyushu: 093-513-7230

Hiroshima: 082-536-0505

Fukuoka: 092-739-3171