Interac Japan - Oceania & Indo-Pacific Area residents Application Form

Welcome to the Interac ALT application page for people living in Oceania & the Indo-Pacific region! We are excited to invite talented individuals residing in Australia, New Zealand, India, Taiwan, and Vietnam to join our team and embark on a remarkable teaching journey in Japan.

We recommend reviewing our requirements page before submitting your application.

Please complete the form below completely to kickstart your application:

Application Deadline: October 23rd (Monday)

Apply before October 23rd: best chance at Spring 2024

Apply after: later intake period, August 2024 or later

Thank you for considering Interac as your choice for a rewarding teaching career in Japan. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to our team!

This form is exclusively for individuals who are currently residing in the following countries only: Australia, New Zealand, India, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

If you are currently living in a country not listed here, even if you are originally from one on the list, please select the form for your current region, using our page here.