Summer 2022 Recruiting

Saitama: Available Positions

Living and Working in Saitama:
All the advantages of Tokyo, without the extra cost

We have the possibility of many new positions in Saitama! We traditionally didn’t have many positions in Saitama, but from this summer, we’re putting together a new team bound for areas across the prefecture.


Living and working in Saitama gives all the advantages of Tokyo without the extra cost. Wider spaces, great shopping and entertainment, and easy access to downtown Tokyo.


We prepared an interactive map of the locations where we are looking to place ALTs. If you are interested in joining the Saitama Interac Team, please have a look. These locations are the main (or “base”) assignment locations for typically 3~4 days/week, with other days at additional visiting schools on a rotating yearly schedule.

Positions in Saitama are entirely in Senior High Schools. Most assignments have one base school and one or more secondary schools each week, on differing days and on a rotating schedule.


The ideal candidate for these assignments is someone who has:

  • previous teaching experience in senior high schools;
  • experience as an ALT;
  • Japanese speaking ability;
  • a Japanese driver’s license.

For more information about working as an ALT, please see our Requirements page and our FAQ.

Interac has long-standing experience in and in-depth expertise of teaching English in Japan and the ALT industry. 

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