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Tokyo, Kanagawa

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1,200 teachers, from many diverse backgrounds.

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Highly qualified by working hard to meet the level and demand from both clients and teachers.

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Supporting our teachers and ensuring that they are a comfortable part of the community.

Major Highlights of Teaching English in The Tokyo & Yokohama Area

Interac Kanto South is centrally located in Yokohama, the largest city in Kanagawa Prefecture. Just out of the Tokyo metropolis, Kanagawa is a metropolitan prefecture. Everything is only minutes away from the city centre by train, making it the perfect place to start your teaching career in Japan.

Kanto South is one of the safest areas in Japan and is very accessible for getting a real taste of living in Japan whilst teaching in Tokyo. The Yokohama metropolitan area caters to people from all walks of life and backgrounds, including a wide range of people from expat backgrounds to commercial spaces mainly inhabited by locals. Teaching in Japan gives you the opportunity to explore all areas of the district without limits.


Facilities within Yokohama city make it desirable for ALTs teaching English in Japan, including high calibre medical institutions, great transport links and educational institutions such as public schools and international schools.

Leisure activities are widely available whilst teaching in Tokyo, with lots of events happening in the Central Tokyo area. Musical events, Japanese school festivals, cherry blossoms, temples & shrines are just a sample of the activities happening around the Tokyo & Yokohama area of Japan. Like any city, certain areas, such as the train station, can be busy at peak times. However, finding space is easy and lots of places offer a more relaxing feel whilst teaching in Japan.

View of harbour in Yokohama from up high

Yamashita Pier (Yokohama)

Gundam statue in Odaiba

Gundam Factory (18-meters tall life sized Gundam)

Night time in China town in Yokohama with all the neon lights on

Yokohama Chinatown

Close up of some delicious Japanese curry

Yokosuka Naval Curry

Steaming meat-bun on a white plate and a cup of green tea


Giant statue of Buddha in autumn

Great Buddha of Kamakura

Cost of Living in Yokohama

Consumer Prices are

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lower than in Tokyo

Rent Prices are

0 %
lower than in Tokyo

Restaurant Prices are

0 %
lower than in Tokyo

Groceries Prices are

0 %
lower than in Tokyo

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Meet Our English Teachers in Tokyo

Scott Jordan

Before the pandemic, Scott regularly performed improvisational music and was an event organizer. While waiting for things to return to normal, he has been building up a Youtube channel for his music.


Hometown: Montana, USA

Arrived in Japan: 2003

Japanese level: Intermediate

Superpower: Can play traditional Japanese musical instruments (koto, shamisen, shakuhachi…)

Moriah Sukraw

Monthly ALT meetings with the group have a fun atmosphere in no small part thanks to Moriah helping to keep the mood light and friendly.


Hometown: USA

Arrived in Japan: 2020

Japanese level: Beginner

Superpower: Organizing social gatherings even in pandemic times.

Why Should I teach English in Tokyo

Teachers get paid to travel

Learn about & immerse yourself into a new, different culture

International work experience teaching in Tokyo

Learn a new language on the job

Help make a difference to young people’s lives by teaching them English

Meet Some of Our Staff

At Kanto South Company, we are committed to enrichment. Interac’s Corporate Philosophy espouses that we “enrich through education”. We endeavor to engage with our ALT community and, to the greatest extent possible, enrich their lives through meaningful work as an Interac ALT.

Avatar icon (bearded blonde man)

Finlay Fraser

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
Arrived in Japan: 2014
Japanese level: Advanced
Superpower: Cooking

Avatar icon (brown haired man)

Kenshi Toyokawa

Hometown: Japan
Superpower: Extremely friendly and open to new challenges. Went from new hire to central member of the office team in only a few years.

Avatar icon (blond woman)

Jessica Beasley

Hometown: USA
Superpower: Paragon of organization and self-management who inspires the rest of the staff, thanks to her friendly and assertive style of communication.

About Our Company

Founded as a regional company in 2015, Kanto South is the next step in your English teaching career. 


Kanto South has an office workforce that is diverse, with people from lots of different backgrounds. There is a wide range of experience within the staff, from recent graduates to experienced English teachers in Japan. We work very hard to support our instructors and ensure they are comfortable when teaching and part of the local community. We hold various seminars, workshops and training to build a sense of belonging. This also gives out instructors a chance to build skills and experiences they can use beyond their teaching career in Tokyo.


Kanto South has a strong community of ALTs that actively engage in meetings and seminars to help avoid isolation whilst teaching in Japan.

If you’re someone who has a good personality, is easy to talk to & open-minded whilst looking for growth with an active interest in Japan, then teaching English in Tokyo will be a perfect fit for you.


Additionally, we have plenty of career development opportunities. Our instructors have a great expertise in education with many of our teachers becoming mentors for new recruits teaching English in Tokyo.

Branch Offices

Tokyo Head Office


Tokyo, Chuo-ku

6-10-1 Ginza

Ginza Six 12F

Office Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00~18:00

Phone: 03-6779-9460

Yokohama Office


Yokohama, Naka-ku
5-85 Choujamachi, Sankyo Building


Office Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00~18:00

Phone: 045-242-7772

Interac has long-standing experience in and in-depth expertise of teaching English in Tokyo and the ALT industry. 

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