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16 prefectures: one of the largest areas in Interac!

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Diverse group of 20 nationalities with high tenure.

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Relationships built on mutual respect and trust.

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Shaping the future for children across the Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu areas.

Major Highlights of Teaching English in Fukuoka & Hiroshima City

The West Company area is one of the largest across Interac. It encompasses 16 prefectures ranging from Hiroshima to Fukuoka, including Saga and Okayama. This means there is a huge variety of activities and places to visit for anyone looking to teach English in Fukuoka or further!


The major cities within the area are all very vibrant with their own unique flavours. Not only are Fukuoka and Hiroshima two of the largest cities in Japan, they’re also considered to be the most vibrant and liveable for people choosing to teach English here.

All the cities within this area have airports, with the larger cities having international airports, perfect for new English teachers. However, the smaller cities do have regional airports, making it easy to travel by air whilst teaching here. The Shinkansen is popular for many of the teachers and locals. Travelling by train around the cities is a common form of transportation, with good links and easy systems.


Our west area also has lots of fascinating historical sites, UNESCO world heritage sites with places of interest for both history and nature lovers.

View of a big train station building from across the road

Tenjin, Fukuoka City

Beautiful stone monument in a garden

Peace Park, Hiroshima

Japanese gazebo by the ocean

Ohori Park, Fukuoka

Okonomiyaki with spring onions on top

Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki

Bowl of delicious looking ramen

Hakata Ramen

View of the clear blue ocean from the beach

Amami Island, Kagoshima

Living Cost Comparison for Hiroshima

Consumer Prices are

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lower than in Tokyo

Rent Prices are

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lower than in Tokyo

Restaurant Prices are

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lower than in Tokyo

Groceries Prices are

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lower than in Tokyo

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Meet Some of Our Teachers


Hometown: United Kingdom

Arrived in Japan: 1998

Japanese level: Advanced

Why Should I Teach English in Fukuoka?

Travel whilst getting paid

Explore new cultures

International work experience teaching in Fukuoka

Brush up on your Japanese

Teach young people about your language and culture


“I am extremely grateful to be a part of an amazing workforce! Everyone has always been amazing and your continued support made this success possible! Living and working in a foreign country is definitely not a cakewalk but the branch staff has always been there sprinkling bits of help here and there.”

- Bruce Serrano

Meet Some of Our Staff

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Hometown: Japan

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Natsuki Ito

Hometown: Japan

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Tom Young

Hometown: Australia

About Our Company

Having been involved in English education for children for nearly 40 years, the Interac Group believes strongly in the potential of each child. Interac West Japan is a key partner in shaping the future for children across the Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu areas.

As you are aware, the environment surrounding English education in Japan has changed dramatically over the last few years. Our goal is to develop dynamic, internationally-minded business professionals who can overcome national, linguistic, and cultural barriers to help solve global challenges. In addition to the commitment to "whole person education" that Interac has cherished since its founding, we have also incorporated new paradigms into our work style, such as ICT. We will continue to take on new challenges at school sites in the western Japan area.

The role of ALTs will only continue to develop and expand. Let's think together and work together so that we can continue to deliver new value not only to children, but also to teachers and local communities. As a company, we will do all that we can to support you so that you can work positively and productively with your students and Japanese colleagues.
Let's grow together for the future of our children.
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Mr. Hirose
Company President

Branch Offices

Fukuoka Branch


Chuo-ku, Tenjin 2-4-38

NTT KF Bldg. 6F


Tel: +81-(0)92-739-3171

Office Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00~18:00

Hiroshima Branch


Hiroshima-shi Chuo-ku

Otemachi 1-20



Tel: +81-(0)82-536-0505 

Office Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00~18:00

Kitakyushu Branch


Kitakyushu, Fukuoka

Kokurakita-ku, Asano 2-17-38

Conduct Asano No.3 Building 405


Tel: +81-(0)93-513-7230

Office Hours: Mon to Fri, 9:00~18:00

Interac has long-standing experience in and in-depth expertise of teaching English in Fukuoka and the ALT industry.

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