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Link Interac’s approach to COVID-19

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Link Interac's approach to COVID-19

While the situation surrounding COVID-19 is changing day-by-day, Interac has put in place measures to help manage employee health and safety during this challenging time. Based on the guidance of the Japanese government, these measures are being shared throughout the company and are updated as needs require. The company is further working with each ALT following the government’s recommendation that schools close until the end of the school year in March. 



Here are some of the guidelines and actions being put in place:



  • Employees are being asked to monitor their physical condition and to inform the company if they develop a fever or other symptoms. If the symptoms are severe, or persist, the company will help to arrange for hospital visits and translation services for anyone who needs them.
  • While the government has requested schools close for the rest of March 2020, many remain open, and Interac instructors will be paid their usual salary. Some instructors continue to work at school; for those whose schools are closed, they will be assigned other work.
  • Any school closings are until the end of the school year in March and classes are expected to resume in April as usual. As such, there are no delays anticipated at this point to initial training for new teachers or to the start of the 2020-2021 year.

The situation remains fluid as the world responds to these circumstances. In the meantime, Interac will continue to work to provide its employees with up-to-date information, safety protocols, strategies and tools for staying healthy both at school and in our larger communities.