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McDonalds In Japan – The Ultimate Guide

Japanese McDonalds store front with large illuminated signs in the streets of Tokyo.

When travelling to Japan, it’s important to have some home comforts to keep the transition smooth. McDonald’s in Japan will often have menu staples, such as the Big Macs or Filet-O-Fish burgers, to make you feel at home. 


Japanese McDonald’s showcases some new burgers and chicken dishes you’ll want to try, when you’re ready to venture into different culinary styles.



Breakfast Menu


McDonald’s in Japan starts its day with a breakfast menu that includes several classics such as the Egg McMuffin, and some unique additions to the Japanese McDonald’s menu


Available until 10:30 AM, this menu caters to both traditional and local tastes that everyone can enjoy. Interestingly some of the more Western items on here, such as the chicken options, are not typically available on the breakfast menu in Western countries and are more associated with the lunchtime and dinner menus. 


Egg & Double Sausage Muffin Meal


For those wanting a Western classic from the Japanese McDonald’s breakfast menu, the Egg & Double Sausage muffin is perfect. This meal includes a muffin loaded with two sausage patties, egg, and cheese, served with coffee and hash browns. It’s a filling breakfast that combines all the morning essentials.


¥690 $5.04 €4.62 £4.07


Chicken McMuffin Meal


A breakfast twist on the classic, this meal features a crispy chicken patty inside a soft muffin, topped with mayonnaise, and served with coffee and hash browns. If you want chicken for breakfast this is for you.


¥390 $2.85 €2.61 £2.30


Sausage Egg Muffin Meal


Combining a savoury sausage patty with a fluffy egg and melted cheese in a muffin, this meal is served with coffee and hash browns. It’s a classic breakfast choice with meat and egg.


¥520 $3.80 €3.48 £3.07


Sausage Muffin Meal


This meal features a simple yet delicious sausage patty and cheese in a muffin, accompanied by coffee and hash browns. It’s perfect for those who want a quick, tasty breakfast without the egg.


¥380 $2.77 €2.54 £2.24


Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal


Not just for lunch or dinner, the Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal is a popular breakfast choice for kids, serving tender chicken nuggets with fries (or a breakfast-appropriate side) and a drink. 


¥520 $3.80 €3.48 £3.07



Egg McMuffin Meal


The iconic Egg McMuffin Meal includes a freshly cracked egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese in a toasted English muffin, served with coffee and hash browns. It’s a balanced and iconic McDonald’s breakfast.


¥460 $3.36 €3.08 £2.71


Bacon Egg McSandwich Meal


Featuring crispy bacon, a fluffy egg, and melted cheese between toasted slices of bread, this meal comes with coffee and hash browns. It’s a filling, satisfying option for meat lovers.


¥470 $3.43 €3.15 £2.77


Filet-O-Fish Meal


A breakfast alternative for those who prefer fish, the Filet-O-Fish Meal includes a fish patty with tartar sauce and cheese in a bun, served with coffee and hash browns. It’s a lighter, pescatarian-friendly breakfast option.


¥600 $4.38 €4.02 £3.54


Pancakes Meal


A sweet start to the day, this meal offers three fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup, accompanied by coffee and hash browns. It’s perfect for those with a morning sweet tooth.


¥560 $4.09 €3.75 £3.30


McGriddles Sausage & Egg Meal


This breakfast delight combines a soft, maple-flavoured griddle cake with a savoury sausage patty and a fluffy egg, paired with cheese. Served with coffee and hash browns, it melds sweet and savoury for a fulfilling start to the day.


¥560 $4.09 €3.75 £3.30


McGriddles Bacon & Egg Meal


Featuring crispy bacon and a tender egg nestled between sweet maple-flavoured griddle cakes with cheese, this meal is accompanied by coffee and hash browns. It’s an enticing option for those who want a combination of sweet pancakes and traditional breakfast food.


¥540 $3.94 €3.62 £3.19


McGriddles Sausage Meal


Offering just the sausage patty between maple-flavoured griddle cakes, this meal simplifies the McGriddles experience while still delivering on taste. Coffee and hash browns complete the meal, making it a sweet and savoury breakfast choice.


¥450 $3.29 €3.02 £2.66



Mega Muffin Meal


The Mega Muffin piles a sausage patty, egg, bacon, and cheese between toasted muffin halves, creating a hearty breakfast option for the hungriest of mornings. Served with coffee and hash browns. If you’re hungry this is the one for you, it has a bit of everything.


¥620 $4.53 €4.15 £3.66


Egg & Double Sausage Muffin Combi


This combination offers a muffin filled with two sausage patties, egg, and cheese, making for a protein-packed start to the day. It’s a popular pick for people wanting a sausage breakfast sandwich.


¥550 $4.02 €3.69 £3.25


Egg McMuffin Combi


The Egg McMuffin Combi keeps breakfast classic with a freshly cracked egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese in an English muffin. It’s a simple timeless choice that everyone loves.


¥320 $2.34 €2.15 £1.89


Bacon Egg Sandwich Combi


Combining crispy bacon, egg, and cheese on toasted bread, this combo offers a delicious breakfast option. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the classic flavours of bacon and egg in the morning.


¥330 $2.41 €2.21 £1.95


Sausage McMuffin with Egg Combi


A savoury sausage patty with a fluffy egg and cheese on a muffin, this combo is a filling and tasty way to start the day. It combines the best of Japanese McDonald’s breakfast flavours in one sandwich.


¥380 $2.77 €2.54 £2.24


Sausage McMuffin Combi


A satisfying combination featuring a sausage patty and cheese served on a warm, toasted English muffin. This combo is perfect for those who prefer a simple, meaty start to their morning without the egg.


¥240 $1.75 €1.61 £1.42


Chicken McMuffin Combi


A crispy chicken patty topped with mayonnaise on a toasted English muffin, this combination provides a tasty chicken alternative to the traditional Japanese breakfast options.


¥250 $1.83 €1.68 £1.48



Regular Menu

At 10:30 AM, McDonald’s in Japan transitions to its regular menu, with a wide range of burgers, including local specialities and McDonald’s classics. This menu has plenty of options for those who have never tried McDonald’s in Japan before such as the Icon Chicken Salt & Lemon meal.


Egg & Double Beef Meal


A meal that pairs two beef patties with a creamy egg, cheese, lettuce, onions, and pickles, served with fries and a drink. A great choice if you’re hungry and in the mood for a stacked burger with lots of toppings.


¥810 $5.91 €5.43 £4.78


Icon Chicken Salt & Lemon Meal


This meal offers a breaded chicken patty seasoned with salt and lemon, topped with crisp lettuce and cheese, making for a refreshing twist on the classic chicken burger, complete with fries and a drink.


¥800 $5.84 €5.36 £4.72


Sweet Chili Ebi Filet-O Meal


Featuring a shrimp patty with sweet chilli sauce and lettuce, this meal blends sweet and spicy flavours for a unique seafood experience exclusive to the Japanese McDonald’s menu – served with fries and a drink.


¥790 $5.77 €5.29 £4.66


McChicken Meal


The McChicken Meal includes a classic chicken patty with lettuce and mayonnaise, offering a simple yet delicious option. This classic McDonald’s staple is accompanied with fries and a drink.


¥500 $3.65 €3.35 £2.95


Spicy McChicken Meal


A spicy variant of the McChicken, this meal features a chicken patty with a hot seasoning, lettuce, and mayo, served with fries and a drink for those who like it with a bit of a kick.


¥520 $3.80 €3.48 £3.07


McChicken Cheese Meal


Adding a slice of cheese to the McChicken, this meal combines the classic chicken patty with cheese, lettuce, and mayo, served with fries and a drink.


¥540 $3.94 €3.62 £3.19


Egg Cheeseburger Meal


This meal brings together a beef patty, egg, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. Great if you want a bit of breakfast and lunch in one burger, served with fries and a drink.


¥540 $3.94 €3.62 £3.19



Egg & Double Beef


A double version of the Egg Cheeseburger with two beef patties with a creamy egg, layered with cheese, crisp lettuce, fresh onions, and tangy pickles.


¥510 $3.72 €3.42 £3.01


Icon Chicken Salt & Lemon


A distinct twist on the chicken burger on the Japanese McDonald’s menu, featuring a breaded chicken patty seasoned with salt and a hint of lemon, topped with lettuce and cheese. This burger offers a refreshing zest and is a unique option to the Japanese McDonald’s menu.


¥500 $3.65 €3.35 £2.95


Sweet Chilli Ebi Filet-O


This burger is a shrimp patty draped in sweet chilli sauce, paired with crisp lettuce. It offers both sweetness and spice, creating a delightful seafood experience.


¥490 $3.58 €3.29 £2.89


Big Mac


The iconic Big Mac needs no introduction, with its two beef patties, signature sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions, all housed in a three-part sesame seed bun. It’s a classic that’s loved worldwide for its layered flavours.


¥480 $3.50 €3.22 £2.83


Roasted Soy Sauce Double Thick Beef


This burger features two beef patties glazed with a rich roasted soy sauce, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, and cheese. It offers a distinct umami taste, distinct to the Japanese McDonald’s menu.


¥580 $4.23 €3.89 £3.42


Roasted Soy Sauce Bacon Tomato Thick Beef


Combining the umami of roasted soy sauce with the smoky flavour of bacon, this burger includes two beef patties, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. It’s a flavourful option that mixes traditional Japanese tastes with classic burger elements.


¥570 $4.16 €3.82 £3.37


Double Cheeseburger


A timeless staple of McDonald’s, the Double Cheeseburger stacks two juicy beef patties with melted cheese, crisp pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. It’s a simple yet delicious classic that never disappoints.


¥430 $3.14 €2.88 £2.54



Teriyaki McBurger


This burger offers a taste of Japan with its teriyaki-glazed beef patty, topped with fresh lettuce and creamy mayonnaise. It’s a sweet and savoury fusion that captures the essence of Japanese flavours in a familiar format.


¥400 $2.92 €2.68 £2.36




The Filet-O-Fish serves up a steaming hot fish patty topped with tartar sauce and a slice of cheese, all on a soft bun. Ideal if you fancy some fish instead of the usual beef and chicken McDonald’s in Japan is known for.


¥400 $2.92 €2.68 £2.36


Chicken Filet-O


Featuring a crispy chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise on a bun, the Chicken Filet-O offers a simple and satisfying chicken option.


¥410 $2.99 €2.75 £2.42


Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O


A Japanese twist on the classic McDonald’s chicken burger, this version is topped with a sweet teriyaki sauce, lettuce, and mayonnaise.


¥420 $3.06 €2.81 £2.48


Bacon Lettuce Burger


The Bacon Lettuce Burger combines the smoky taste of bacon with crisp lettuce, a beef patty, and cheese, topped with mayonnaise. A nice meaty burger that is popular in Western McDonald’s.


¥410 $2.99 €2.75 £2.42


Shrimp Filet-O


A unique offering to Japanese McDonald’s, the Shrimp Filet-O features a tender shrimp patty with lettuce and tartar sauce, providing a seafood alternative that’s both crispy and flavourful.


¥430 $3.14 €2.88 £2.54





The McChicken offers a classic combination of a crispy chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise on a soft bun. It’s a simple and popular choice for its tender chicken and creamy mayo.


¥180 $1.31 €1.21 £1.06


Spicy McChicken


For those who prefer a bit more heat, the Spicy McChicken includes a spicy chicken patty, crisp lettuce, and mayonnaise. It’s a hot take on the classic McChicken, adding a kick to each bite.


¥200 $1.46 €1.34 £1.18


McChicken Cheese


Combining the classic McChicken with a slice of cheese, this burger pairs a crispy chicken patty with lettuce, mayonnaise, and cheese. It’s a cheesy twist on a familiar favourite.


¥240 $1.75 €1.61 £1.42


Egg Cheeseburger


The Egg Cheeseburger is a mix of a beef patty, cheese, and a perfectly cooked egg, topped with pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. It offers a distinct blend of breakfast and lunch flavours that isn’t found on western McDonald’s menus.


¥240 $1.75 €1.61 £1.42





A simple classic, the Hamburger features a beef patty topped with pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. It’s a straightforward, no-frills option that delivers on taste.


¥170 $1.24 €1.14 £1.00




The Cheeseburger adds a slice of cheese to the classic hamburger, complementing the beef patty with pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. An iconic McDonald’s staple that is now popular all over the world.


¥200 $1.46 €1.34 £1.18


Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal


The Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal combines tender, bite-sized chicken McNuggets with fries and a drink. It’s a kid-friendly favourite that offers tasty bite sized portions.


¥520 $3.80 €3.48 £3.07


Cheeseburger Happy Meal


This Happy Meal features a juicy cheeseburger with a beef patty, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard, accompanied by fries and a drink. The classic kids meal at McDonald’s in Japan.


¥520 $3.80 €3.48 £3.07


Hamburger Happy Meal


The Hamburger Happy Meal includes a hamburger with a beef patty, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard, served with fries and a drink. It’s simple flavours make it popular with kids.


¥490 $3.58 €3.29 £2.89


Petit Pancakes Happy Meal


A delightful choice for breakfast or a sweet treat, the Petit Pancakes Happy Meal comes with mini pancakes served with syrup, alongside fries and a drink. It’s a sweet start to the day or a perfect dessert for kids. Despite being a western dish, this is available at Japanese McDonald’s but in the USA or UK.


¥490 $3.58 €3.29 £2.89


Spicy Chicken McNuggets Garlic Pepper 5Pcs


Adding a bit of spice to the classic and well loved McNuggets, these are seasoned with garlic pepper for an extra bit of kick. The 5-piece serving is perfect for a tasty snack or as a side to a meal.


¥260 $1.90 €1.74 £1.53





The classic McDonald’s fries, offering a crispy, golden, and lightly salted side that complements any meal. It’s a staple that’s beloved worldwide.


¥190 $1.39 €1.28 £1.12


Chicken McNuggets 5Pcs


For those looking for a smaller serving, the 5-piece Chicken McNuggets provide the perfect portion of crispy, tender chicken. An iconic part of the McDonald’s menu that everyone loves.


¥260 $1.90 €1.74 £1.53


Chicken McNuggets 15Pcs


For a larger group or a bigger appetite, the 15-piece Chicken McNuggets offer more of the crispy, tender chicken goodness. They’re a crowd-pleaser and great for sharing.


¥740 $5.40 €4.96 £4.37


Side Salad


A fresh option for those seeking a lighter side, the Side Salad features a mix of crisp greens and cherry tomatoes, dressed lightly. It’s a healthy complement to any meal.


¥330 $2.41 €2.21 £1.95


Edamame & Corn


A side dish on the Japanese McDonald’s menu that combines sweet corn with green edamame, offering a nutritious and flavorful addition to your meal.


¥280 $2.04 €1.88 £1.65


Shaka-Shaka Chicken


A fun side on the Japanese McDonald’s, Shaka-Shaka Chicken allows you to add a seasoning of your choice to a crispy chicken piece and shake it up.


¥200 $1.46 €1.34 £1.18


Dinner Menu


Starting at 5:00 PM, the dinner menu at Japanese McDonald’s has more exclusive items like the Pote Nage Mix, with a few more slight variations on some of the Western classics you might expect. The Double Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O is another item that can only be found at McDonald’s in Japan.



Pote Nage Mix DAI


A side dish of mixed potatoes and chicken nuggets, offering a variety of flavors and textures. It’s great if you want a bit of variety with your Japanese McDonald’s.


¥620 $4.53 €4.15 £3.66


Pote Nage Mix TOKUDAI


The larger version of the Pote Nage Mix, this option provides an even more generous serving of mixed potatoes and nuggets, perfect for sharing or as a meal on its own.


¥970 $7.08 €6.50 £5.72


Double McChicken Meal


Doubling the pleasure with two McChicken patties, this meal includes lettuce and mayonnaise, served with fries and a drink. If you like the McChicken then this should be twice as good.


¥600 $4.38 €4.02 £3.54


Double Spicy McChicken Meal


For those who love the heat, this meal doubles up on the Spicy McChicken patties, served with crisp lettuce, mayonnaise, fries, and a drink. Perfect for spice lovers.


¥620 $4.53 €4.15 £3.66


Double McChicken Cheese Meal


This meal takes the McChicken to the next level with two chicken patties, adding cheese to lettuce, and mayonnaise, served with fries and a drink. It’s a cheesy, chicken-filled feast.


¥640 $4.67 €4.29 £3.78

Double Big Mac


The Double Big Mac takes the classic Big Mac to new heights with four beef patties stacked between its sesame seed bun, along with lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and the iconic Big Mac sauce. It’s a meat lover’s dream, offering double the flavour and satisfaction.


¥680 $4.96 €4.56 £4.01


Double Double Cheeseburger


Doubling down on the Double Cheeseburger, this option features four beef patties, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. If the normal double cheeseburger isn’t enough, then this is for you.


¥630 $4.60 €4.22 £3.72


Double Teriyaki McBurger


This burger doubles the Teriyaki McBurger with two beef patties glazed in sweet teriyaki sauce, complemented by lettuce and mayonnaise. It is a great spin and a popular choice at Japanese McDonald’s.


¥500 $3.65 €3.35 £2.95


Double Filet-O-Fish


A seafood sensation, the Double Filet-O-Fish stacks two fish patties with tartar sauce and cheese, offering twice the fishy goodness in every bite. It’s a pescatarian’s delight, combining the classic Filet-O-Fish taste with an extra layer.


¥500 $3.65 €3.35 £2.95


Double Chicken Filet-O


Doubling up on the Chicken Filet-O, this version features two crispy chicken patties, lettuce, and mayonnaise. A great option if you like chicken and you are hungry.


¥510 $3.72 €3.42 £3.01


Double Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O


With two chicken patties smothered in teriyaki sauce, complemented by lettuce and mayonnaise, this burger doubles the pleasure of the Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O.


¥520 $3.80 €3.48 £3.07



Double Bacon Lettuce Burger


This option adds another layer to the Bacon Lettuce Burger, with two beef patties, double bacon, lettuce, cheese, and mayonnaise. It’s a fulfilling choice for those craving the smoky flavour of bacon in a big way and a staple on Western menus.


¥510 $3.72 €3.42 £3.01


Double Shrimp Filet-O


Doubling the shrimp for seafood lovers, this burger includes two shrimp patties, lettuce, and tartar sauce. It’s a feast that offers a crispy and flavourful alternative to beef or chicken burgers.


¥530 $3.87 €3.55 £3.13


Double McChicken


Twice the meat as the standard McChicken, this version features two crispy chicken patties, lettuce, and mayonnaise. It’s a great choice if you love the McChicken’s classic taste but are extra hungry.


¥280 $2.04 €1.88 £1.65


Double Spicy McChicken


This burger doubles the spicy chicken patties on the normal Spicy McChicken, complemented by crisp lettuce and creamy mayonnaise.


¥300 $2.19 €2.01 £1.77


Double McChicken Cheese


Combining two McChicken patties with cheese, this burger offers an extra cheesy twist on the classic McChicken, topped with lettuce and mayonnaise. 


¥340 $2.48 €2.28 £2.01


Double Egg Cheeseburger


This burger takes the Egg Cheeseburger to the next level with two beef patties, an egg, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. It’s a big meal with plenty of toppings to keep you satisfied..


¥340 $2.48 €2.28 £2.01


Double Hamburger


Doubling the classic Hamburger, this option features two beef patties, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. It’s a straightforward yet delicious choice for those who appreciate the basics.


¥270 $1.97 €1.81 £1.59


Double Cheeseburger


The Double Cheeseburger stacks two beef patties with cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard – twice the satisfaction of the classic Cheeseburger.


¥300 $2.19 €2.01 £1.77



HiruMac Menu


Exclusive to Japanese McDonald’s, the HiruMac menu is a weekday lunch option available from 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM. It features value deals on favourites like the Big Mac and Chicken Filet-O, for people who want to grab a quick lunch at work or school. This menu has several items exclusive to McDonald’s in Japan that you would not find on the Western menus. 


HiruMac Big Mac


A lunchtime special, the HiruMac Big Mac offers the same beloved Big Mac taste with two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions at a cheaper price. It’s ideal for a midday Big Mac craving.


¥650 $4.75 €4.36 £3.83


HiruMac Teriyaki McBurger


Available at lunch, this burger features a beef patty glazed in teriyaki sauce, topped with lettuce and mayonnaise. It’s a great option if you want a Japanese touch to your McDonald’s meal.


¥600 $4.38 €4.02 £3.54


HiruMac Double Cheeseburger


A lunchtime favourite, the HiruMac Double Cheeseburger packs double beef patties, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. It’s a classic option and a bargain on the lunchtime menu.


¥620 $4.53 €4.15 £3.66


HiruMac Teriyaki Chicken Filet-O


This burger brings a chicken patty topped with sweet teriyaki sauce, lettuce, and mayonnaise, offering a unique twist on the chicken sandwich during lunch hours. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and savoury.


¥620 $4.53 €4.15 £3.66


HiruMac Filet-O-Fish


The HiruMac Filet-O-Fish offers a golden fish patty with tartar sauce and cheese, providing a seafood option for lunch. Ideal if you want something fishy instead of the typical choices.


¥600 $4.38 €4.02 £3.54



Spicy Chicken McNuggets Garlic Pepper 5Pcs


A HiruMac special, these spicy Chicken McNuggets are seasoned with garlic pepper, offering a punchy flavour. Perfect as a snack or as a meal with a bit of spice. 


¥260 $1.90 €1.74 £1.53


Café Latte


A comforting choice for a lunchtime drink, the Café Latte combines rich espresso with steamed milk. Ideal if you need a hot warm drink and a bit of caffeine. 


¥210 $1.53 €1.41 £1.24


Macaron Strawberry Milk Butter


A sweet treat for lunch, this macaron features a strawberry milk butter filling, offering a delightful balance of fruitiness and creaminess.


¥190 $1.39 €1.28 £1.12


Butter Scotch Hot Latte


This indulgent hot beverage combines the rich flavour of butterscotch with creamy latte, making for a sweet and comforting drink ideal for warming up during lunch.


¥420 $3.07 €2.82 £2.48


McDonald’s In Japan for ALTs


McDonald’s is a comfort for everyone, with menu changes and staples available whilst living in Japan, most people find the transition easy with certain cuisines. 


You can find more information on how to become an ALT in Japan, or some details on Interac as a business. Start you ALT journey today.

About the Author

Brian McDonough is a consultant at Interac, Japan’s largest provider of ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers). Originally from the US, Brian has lived in Japan for over 25 years, giving him a unique perspective on the cultural differences and challenges people face when moving to Japan. He has first-hand experience of working in Japan as an American.