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Interac’s expertise in guiding instructors through a successful transition to life in Japan is unmatched. Our onboarding and ongoing training programs provide you with the skills to succeed. So whether you’re here for a few years, or considering staying in Japan long-term, you’ll have the support and security you need.

Smooth and efficient recruitment process

Comprehensive support to help you settle in to Japan

Industry-leading training to set you up for success

Skill development programs and career progression offered

Smooth and efficient recruitment process

Since our founding we have enriched the careers of thousands of people in teaching positions throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu. In partnership with Link Japan Careers, our recruitment process is designed to help you get to Japan smoothly while keeping you informed every step of the way. Many of our recruiters’ connection with Japan and Interac began when they themselves were ALTs. This gives them the experience and knowledge to offer the best advice and insights on a career in Japan with Interac.


With our decades of experience bringing teachers into the country, we are experts in visa processing and on-boarding. Link Japan Careers regularly holds seminars across North America, the United Kingdom and Australia, and in the Philippines through our exclusive partner Chesham Recruiting. For those who are unable to attend our live seminars, we also recruit online.


While the bulk of our positions begin in either March or September, our national reach means we also have placements starting throughout the year. Our streamlined recruitment process will help you start your Japan adventure sooner without having to worry about a once-a-year application deadline.

Comprehensive support to help you settle in to Japan

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Prior to your arrival, our online on-boarding process will give you all the information you need to hit the ground running in Japan with confidence.


We provide a free online beginner’s level (JLPT N5) Japanese course prior to arrival to help you get started learning the language.


If you are joining us from overseas, we will take care of housing arrangements for you all the way up to supporting your move-in. After your initial training and orientation we help you move into your apartment, get set up, and open a bank account.


There’s no need to worry about being disconnected from friends and family back home as we provide support for getting connected to the Internet, and getting a mobile phone.


Before the start of your assignment, our staff will accompany you to your new school(s) and help you introduce yourself. Our staff and Head Teachers will follow up to make sure you’re settling in and getting along well. We are here to help you make the most of your time in Japan.

Industry-leading training to set you up for success

Interac’s training program gives you a solid theoretical and practical teaching experience before you begin your assignment. Our training program consists of:


Pre-Departure E-learning

To help you hit the ground running, six to eight weeks prior to your departure for Japan we will introduce you to our e-learning platform. There you’ll complete various online learning tasks to prepare you for your arrival in Japan while setting the stage for your initial orientation and training. In addition, we provide our new instructors with a free online beginner-level Japanese language course.


Initial Orientation and Training

Interac’s initial orientation and training equips our instructors with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the job. Training with your new colleagues is also a great chance to make new friends. Upon arriving in your local community, you’ll be ready to begin your teaching career on the right foot.


Ongoing Training

After starting your assignment, your branch will provide you with ongoing training. You will also attend ALT meetings where you connect and learn from our trainers and fellow ALTs. Ongoing training builds on the knowledge and skills gained at initial training, keeping you updated on the latest developments in English education across Japan.

Skill development programs and career progression offered

Being an ALT is not only a great way to experience life in Japan, but an excellent opportunity to hone skills that will benefit you in any career you may undertake. Interac recognizes this and is the only ALT company that takes the career development of its employees seriously by supporting their self-study, growth and development.


Working as educators, we understand that everyone has different motivations, skills, backgrounds, and goals. We designed our Career Navigation Program (CNP) to help you first understand your motivations, preferred communication and learning styles, and then provide you with tools to enhance your skills.


The CNP consists of:


This survey helps you identify your preferences, tendencies, and motivations to provide a solid foundation for self-understanding and awareness.


Skill Development
We help you find out what your skills and motivations mean, make action plans, improve your Japanese ability and IT literacy utilizing online training, and in-person seminars across Japan throughout the year.


Guide to Opportunities
The CNP also provides avenues for advancement within our organization into administrative positions such as Head Teacher, Management Trainee, Trainer, and Managing Consultant. Additionally, our sister company, Link Japan Careers, offers career connection opportunities with other employers in Japan through the CNP.

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Interac has longstanding experience and in-depth expertise in Japan and the ALT industry. You can count on us to help you adjust to your new life in this beautiful country, thrive and grow in your role as an ALT, and make this an experience of a lifetime.

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