Summer 2022 Interactive Map - Find an Interac job near you

UPDATED: July 22nd

To make it easy to look up areas of Japan where we are looking for teachers, we created this easy-to-use map.  Click on each location marked with an Interac Globe, and a menu will open with more information and the application link.  


Go to the application link and complete the online form.  Once you have completed it and clicked on “Submit for Approval” we will have your application and a recruiter will get in touch with you to discuss ALT job opportunities in your area.


Please note that these positions are currently only available to applicants residing in Japan with a valid residence status allowing work.  Unfortunately, this means that persons residing overseas, persons in Japan on landing permissions, and other kinds of statuses not allowing work are unable to be considered.


Basic Requirements


As well as having the mental aptitude and a desire for the challenge of living and working overseas, to be eligible to become an Interac ALT, you must:

  • Be a native-level speaker of English

  • Have received an education conducted in English for at least 12 years

  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree in any subject from an accredited university

  • Be a team-player that is professional, flexible, cheerful, and energetic

  • Be under 60 years of age

While not required, it helps your chances if you:

  • Hold a driver’s license

  • Have teaching experience

  • Have a teaching qualification, e.g., CELTA, DELTA, and TEFL

  • Have studied a second language at school or university

  • Can speak some basic Japanese


Interac offer a gross annual salary of approximately ¥2.4 – ¥2.7 million per year.


You will work at Interac for a contract of one-year

Work Hours

Weekdays between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

Holidays and Leave

Obon (summer), New Year’s holidays, national holidays, and paid leave.

Working Visa

Visa sponsorship available (Applicants must meet all Immigration requirements)


Initial training and regular on-going training provided.


Commuting expenses reimbursed.

Health Insurance

Enrollment in Japanese insurance system.

Career Advancement

Opportunities for promotion exist at Interac.


To learn more about being an Interac ALT, please see our page here.  For more information about requirements for becoming an Interac ALT, please see our page here.     For more interesting articles and information about living and working in Japan, please see our blog.